How to get Cheap yet Best Top Level Domain Name?

Till date, I have purchased more than 60 domains with various extensions such as .in,, .org, .com, and many more. I have tried many local and international companies for domain purchases. Initially, I didn’t know which was the best.

So, I tried out top domain registration companies like Namecheap, Dynadot, Bluehost, and others. One major consideration was having alternatives if any account got hacked.

I know it sounds childish, but it is true—I purchased my first domain 7 years ago. Slowly, I identified the best domain company through trial and error, and now I will share that with you.

Before choosing the best domain registration company, I consider many factors, such as support, available coupon codes, service, price, and more.

But first, I would like to share some interesting insights. Let’s dive in.

Purchase Domains Based on Location

There are two possibilities: local and international. When you buy a local country domain like .in for India or .us for the USA, it generally costs less. Conversely, when you buy commercial domains like .com or .org, it costs more.

Buying a local domain name from an international domain registration company will also be expensive, while buying a commercial domain from a local company will cost more.

This is the main scenario: you should buy local domains from local registrars and international domains from international registrars.

I hope this is clear. Now, coming to the point:

Best Place to Buy Commercial/International Domains

To be straightforward, Namecheap is the best for international or top commercial domains because they frequently offer coupon codes and competitive pricing even without them. For example, coupon codes like “COUPONFCNC” offer up to 80% off, and “HONEY10” provides an additional 10% instant discount.

Next, we have Dynadot, Bluehost, DreamHost, Hostinger, and other domain registration companies. Currently, I have more than 30 domains with Namecheap alone.

Best Place to Buy Local Domain Extensions

Hostinger, BigRock, and Namecheap are the best for local domains. They offer local payment facilities like UPI, which is significant because many people in India do not have debit or international cards, so they can pay via phone through UPI.

All local domain registrars offer this facility, along with purchase protection through OTP and the option to decline auto-renewal. This is helpful if you no longer want a domain, as auto-renewal can be uncomfortable for users.

In One word

For the best domain registration experience, choose Namecheap for international domains and Hostinger or BigRock for local domains, considering factors like cost, support, and payment options.

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